Block RockiT Mid-Arm Quilter


 You want to machine quilt but the machines you have looked at cost way too much. Now Kathy Quilts has the machine you have been waiting for! 

  • More comfortable to quilt with than longarm machines
  • Stitch regulated so it is easy to control as you quilt
  • 15 inch throat allows you to quilt up to King size quilts
  • Ergonomic handles with easy to push buttons let you quilt easily
  • Less intimidating to quilt with than larger machines
  • Professional machine quilting features at an affordable price
  • Kathy Quilts training that you receive as long as you own your machine
  • Learn from one of the most successful professional machine quilters how to bring your quilts to life.

With Kathy Quilts you get the complete package. We offer a great machine but there is much more to the story than just a machine. Only Kathy Quilts offers the Block RockiT and how to finish your quilts more beautifully with it.

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Category: Shows
Posted: Monday, November 10, 2014 11:14 AM
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This is our upcoming show schedule. We will be doing several shows through out the the year so you can come see the Block RockiT 14+ Mid Arm quilter and see why everyone loves them.

Block RockiT 14+ and Q'nique 14+
Block RockiT 14+ and Q'nique 14+
Category: Articles
Posted: Thursday, October 2, 2014 10:04 PM
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Synopsis: The Block RockiT has been around since December of 2013, the Q'nique is a machine that is made for dealers that have stores. The Block RockiT is only sold by KathyQuilts. We offer extended support hours and we know more about how to use your Block RockiT. See why Block RockiT is the best choice.
Block RockiT 14+ Mid-Arm Quilter
Block RockiT 14+ Mid-Arm Quilter
Category: Blogs
Posted: Saturday, December 28, 2013 01:23 PM
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Here is the Mid-Arm for the Masses. We think that professional machine quilting tools should be available for more people than those that aren't pinching pennies like most of us. The Block RockiT 14+ is designed for anyone that wants to machine quilt. It has 14.5 by 8.5 inch throat and will fit on most Grace Frames. Quilt more in less time with the Block RockiT 14+.