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Quilting Smoothly – Keeping Wheels and Tracks Clean

Quilting Smoothly – Keeping Wheels and Tracks Clean
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Clean tracks and wheels will not only lengthen a machine's and frame's lifespan, but will also contribute in producing a nice stitch for your quilts. 

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Quilting Smoothly – Keeping Wheels and Tracks Clean

Before each quilt show, we give our Block Rockits and quilting frames a very thorough cleaning. It’s always surprising to me how much lint and dirt builds up in just one quilt show! We love to keep the machines and frames clean, making sure they are performing at the top of their abilities.

A clean frame will not only lengthen its lifespan, but will help you produce higher quality quilts. Dirt on the wheels and tracks of the Block Rockit, carriage, or frame will make quilting less smooth or even cause bumps as you quilt. 

To keep your frame clean, dust it often and remove lint, especially from the tracks and the cogs of the rails. We also keep these handy for quick lint removal. 

Wipe down the frame’s rails weekly with a damp cloth or cleaning wipe to keep your machine moving over the tracks smoothly. Be sure to scrape off any dirt or grime that may be sticking to the equipment.

Cleaning the Tracks of Your Quilting Frame for smooth quilting

Do the exact same thing for the wheels of your machine. A lot of dirt and grime will collect over time. It's important to keep these clean so you can have a smoother quilting experience. 

Dirt and Grime can build up on the wheels of your Block Rockit Carriage


Cleaning the Wheels of your Block Rockit

Check for cleanliness each time you use your machine to quilt.

Give your Block Rockit and frame love and they will perform wonderfully!

Feel free to leave comments about how you keep your machine and frame clean! 

*we are not paid to endorse any of these products, we just like them...you can choose which you like best too! 

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