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Block Rockit Troubleshooting: Having loops in stitching

Block Rockit Troubleshooting: Having loops in stitching
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If you are having loops in your stitches,

click here for some quick tips and troubleshooting! 

Block Rockit Troubleshooting: Having loops in stitching 

Having loops in your quilting machine stitches can happen to anyone; it is not a sign that you or your Block Rockit are defective or that there are higher powers frowning upon your quilting endeavors. Rather, loops are often caused by two main factors, poor tension and missed thread guides, and they can be easy and quick to fix. If you start seeing loops in your stitches, either on the top or bottom of your quilt, these are the most common culprits you should check first.

Missing thread guides can be a common cause of loops in stitches. The thread must also be DEEP DOWN in the thread tension discs. Before trying to adjust the tension or anything else, first check that your machine is properly threaded. Even if you threaded it right yesterday, it could have come out of one of the thread guides, so be sure to check again. Refer to the User’s Manual with step-by-step instructions and illustrations on how to thread the machine. This is an important reference, especially as you first get to know your Block Rockit. You can also watch Lynn thread the machine on our YouTube channel.  If your machine is properly threaded and you are still having loops, then you should check your machine’s tension.

The tension disks could have debris such as dust or lint in it that is disrupting the thread tension. CLEAN THESE DISKS MANY TIMES, DAILY! Especially if you are quilting all day. If you have tried adjusting the thread tension and you still have loops, clean out the tension disk with air, either compressed air or any kind of small blower, or dry brush. This will clear out the debris and allow the tension disk to properly regulate the tension.

Incorrect tension can be another cause of loops. This can be caused by the bobbin tension, the thread tension, or debris/lint in the tension disk itself. If you are getting loops on the bottom of the quilt, the bobbin tension could be too tight or the top thread tension could be too loose. Either tighten the top thread or loosen the bobbin to see if the loops go away. (When adjusting make very SMALL adjustment to the bobbin tension. You can adjust the knob for the top thread much more liberally.) Similarly, if there are loops on the top of the quilt, the bobbin tension could be too loose or the thread tension could be too tight. Tighten the bobbin or loosen the top thread tension until the loops go away. Note that the bobbin tension should be loose enough to where you can hold the bobbin in your hand and pull the thread out of the bobbin with your other hand without lifting up the bobbin. If the bobbin comes up with you as you lift the bobbin thread, the tension is too tight.

If you still seem to be having issues, turn your machine off and take a break from your quilting for a few minutes. Sometimes you can come back to your machine with fresh eyes and find the reason for the problem. You can also try changing your needle or thread type.

Please feel free to comment with any experiences that you’ve had in solving problems with your stitching! We would love to hear them! 

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