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Oiling and Warming Up Your Block Rockit

Oiling and Warming Up Your Block Rockit
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Oiling your Block Rockit will help it last longerand quilt smoother

But how often should you be doing it? 

Oiling and Warming Up Your Block Rockit

Oiling your machine often will help it last longer and quilt smoother. Reference your Block Rockit User Manual for instructions on where to oil your machine.

We recommend that you oil it before every use with a drop or two of oil. As you are using your machine, if it ever feels or sounds like it is running rough or loud, you can add more oil to the top or bobbin areas. You do not want to add too much oil, so keep it to a drop or two every time. When you run out of oil, be sure to buy high-quality machine oil to replace it.

Every time you begin a new quilting session or when you oil the Block Rockit, you will want to warm up the machine and sew off on scrap fabric. This will get the machine ready for hours of quilting and prevent any excess oil from getting onto your quilt.

We suggest warming up your machine at the start of every new quilting session.

To warm up the machine, let it run without any thread in the top or bobbin (you can remove the bobbin case) for about two minutes.

After letting it warm up, insert the bobbin case and rethread the needle.  Then use two pieces of scrap fabric (about 10” X 10”) with batting in between and start quilting it together by holding onto each side and moving it under the machine as it is turned on in manual mode.(You can see a video of this by clicking here.)This will give your machine a chance to get any excess oil off and give you a chance to adjust the thread tension and make sure you and your machine are ready to quilt. Once you are ready and have the machine settings just how you want them, you can begin quilting.

If you already have a quilt set up on the frame at the beginning of your quilting session, pull the machine off to the side of the frame and warm up the machine to the side of the quilt. This is a helpful technique to that will allow you to warm up your machine and keep your quilt set up between sessions.

Leave your comments below: How often do you oil your machine? Do you have any other helpful warm up techniqes to share?

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