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Many thanks to KathyQuilts for all the wonderful service I have received since purchasing my Block ROCKiT (Sable) in January 2016 at the Road to California Quilt Show.
I knew there would be a learning curve to transfer from FMQ on my Janome 7700 to the Block ROCKiT but I could not believe how much easier it was than I thought it would be. I FMQed a couple of small preprinted panels first to get accustomed to adjusting the tension on the machine. Then I put a queen sized quilt that my daughter had pieced onto the frame. I had so much fun. For the next quilt, I used the Quilter’s Creative Touch software and Glide thread top and bobbin. Not one broken thread. I sat on my very tall, comfortable, adjustable stool and was the laziest quilter in the world with a grin on my face that stretched from ear to ear. Used four patterns and found out that I have a lot to learn about laying these patterns out. I was so anxious to use the software and so amazed by all the nice patterns that I did not consider placement as much as I should have. So I ordered some cheater quilt tops for practice. Those cheater quilts be awesome for car quilts.
Thank you so much Lynn and Kathy for everything. Lynn is always there answering his e-mail and is so good and tactful at answering my sometimes “stupid” questions. Kathy gave me many helpful hints at the Quilt Show. What a wonderful team.
I love my Sable BRI and am so appreciative of the wonderful service and assistance provided by Kathy Quilts. Many thanks.
Cottie Dobson, Rio Vista, CA
Cottie Dobson May 13, 2016
I love my Block RockiT! It works so well and it quilts so smoothly. Thanks Kathy and Lynn
Betty Frezon Apr 26, 2016
I have had my BRI for over one and a half years. I bought the machine and frame as a package and have been more than happy with it. I have quilted numerous types and sizes of quilts. I have not purchased any equipment to use other than my original purchase. It serves me well. I quilt some for sale but mostly for gifts. I have no desire to change my machine. The few times I have had to call Grace they have taken care of my need immediately. Thanks to all at Kathy quilts and Grace Co for making me a very happy quilter. Sarah in South Georgia
Sarah Harrod Feb 12, 2016
To Lynn and Kathy,
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much I am enjoying my BlockRockit. I have to admit, when I first got it, I was pretty apprehensive. With my schedule, I don't have a big block of time to spend learning how to use it, but I am stubborn enough to stick with it. I made a long "quilt" of muslin that I had drawn different designs on and practiced on that first. The difference from the first to the last was amazing. I then quilted two throw quilts, one just using a meandering design and the other was an edge to edge design that I had drawn and transferred to tissue that I then pinned to the quilt. It wasn't too bad. However, it didn't feel as smooth as when I tried yours at the show. I was having trouble with the tension and tried various threads and settings and then it suddenly dawned on me -- check the bobbin tension! I read the little book about how the thread should come out and realized the factory settings were way too tight. So, I adjusted it until the thread came out exactly as you describe in the book and voila! It was like magic. It made the machine run way smoother and allowed me to feel much more in control. That is when I did the Ribbon and Stars quilt and had so much fun. I bought this machine because I have to make so many sample quilts for my designs for EZ Piecing Leave-In Foundations and I thought it would be faster and in the long run, cheaper to quilt them myself. I am loading the machine with a new quilt tonight and so anxious to get started. I now know I made the right decision. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Debbie Gansberger
Deborah Gansberger Feb 9, 2016
I LOVE this machine!~ I bought the Block Rock-It with the launchpad frame and I could not be happier. I just finished my first king sized quilt that I didn't pay someone else to quilt. This machine is a dream. It is the closest thing to drawing with thread as you can get. The Block Rock-It glides over the fabric with virtually no drag at all. In the quilting of my king sized quilt I had no -NONE- thread breaks, no binding up and no puckers in my quilt at all. I was nervous at first to start on my quilt after spending so much time in piecing, but once I got started I just kept on going. I actually stayed up all night getting my quilt done. This is a fantastic machine! Buy it. Buy it now!
I also want to add the customer service from both Lynn at KathyQuilts and from the Grace company are outstanding. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to create my art from start to finish. I wish I had bought one sooner!
Sandra Elkins Jan 10, 2016
I got my machine at Christmas last year. Just for fun I checked and I have logged 1,143,199 stitches and 32 hours and 45 minutes stitching time. I have learned so much in the last year. I am halfway through a Christmas wall hanging at the moment and it is really looking nice. A year ago I would never have dreamed I would be quilting from a paper pantograph (Christmas Tree Forest by Lorien Quilting) and having it actually look good. . A year ago I was struggling with dragging my quilts through my domestic sewing machine - free motion style straight lines only. I have come a very long way in a year.

Would love to hear how others are progressing and what skills are being mastered.

Sue in Illinois where the 6 inches of Saturday's wet heavy snow is melting away and should be gone by Thanksgiving..
Susan Nov 26, 2015
I love being able to get through a quilt quickly. Knowing the work is your own from start to finish is also great. I have gotten to the point where I can do my Quilt4kids quilts in about an hour if I do nothing special. How I love my machine.

Alison Gundel Sep 8, 2015
I have been quilting with the Block Rockit for over one year now and I am still very happy with my purchase. I only quilt for myself and family, so a budget friendly machine was very important to me. But I also wanted a large quilt space, enough to do 9 or 10 inch pantographs and groovy boards and the Block Rockit can do that, even on a large quilt. I wanted a reliable stitch regulator included and I got that too. The 14 plus inch throat space is perfect for free motion quilting, not too much and not too little. I absolutely love the larger M size bobbins....really cuts down on bobbin winding, changes and running out of thread. I would only change one thing. I would get the Launch Pad frame if I was ordering now. It wasn't available when I ordered in early 2014. Buying my machine from KathyQuilts has given me support from 2 companies when I needed it: from Lynn and staff of KathyQuilts and also from Grace Company staff. To be honest, I had a very reliable small harp system but really wanted the advantages of a larger machine. The Block Rockit gave me those things and I didn't have to give up reliability for a price I can afford.......donna and Bonnie BRI
Donna Coakley Jul 1, 2015
I bought my BlockRockit never having any experience with a longarm. I've had it since September and have completed 4 quilts with it. I absolutely love it - there was a quick learning curve for me - the system is simple enough that it makes sense. The online support - namely the Yahoo group - has been a lifeline for me when I have questions about tension, thread, and using a laser. I couldn't be happier with my BlockRockit - I just love it!
Beth Brown Jun 25, 2015
I've had my Block Rockit just about a year now. I was one of the first customers to get one when they first came out.

Why did I buy a Block Rockit? I know of only one other machine that is in the price range of the Block Rockit and it doesn't have anywhere near the standard items on it like the Block Rockit does. Some of the standard items for the Rockit are regulated stitch (which is really really great), "M" size bobbins, etc.

The machine runs really smooth. I'm working on my 10th quilt with the Block Rockit. After spending some time going through the learning curve (and there is one with any long arm or midarm) I seldom have to touch my bobbin tension adjustment. I'll be completing a twin size quilt today and taking it off the frame and I haven't had to adjust my bobbin one time since setting it at the beginning of the quilt. (I do check the stitches every time I change bobbins)

Not only is the Block Rockit a great machine but the way Kathy Quilts and The Grace Company stands behind this machine is unbelievable. This is a major plus if you've ever tried dealing with a company that doesn't stand behind what it sells.

The 15" throat is great. I've completed two queen size quilts and had plenty of throat space when you start rolling the quilt. I can do a 10" block without rolling if I don't have to have the ruler plate on. The ruler plate does cut down on the size of block a bit but it does on any machine you have.

I've used several types of thread including polyester embroidery thread and once you get the tension right it sewed all of them with no problems.

I've used groovy boards, pantographs with the laser light, ruler work with the base plate attached and free hand and all work great. This machine on my Grace SR2 frame is smooth. They didn't have the Launch Pad frame out when I bought mine or I would have it.
David Hatten Jun 25, 2015

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