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Nov 21, 2013
This machine is perfect for anyone that has a Grace Frame, wants to buy a Grace Frame, or wants to move up from a shortarm machine to one that will do what they always wanted to do with their machine frame.

Advantages: Will fit on most of the Grace Frames so all of those frame owners that don't want to get a new frame can use the one they already have.

Disadvantages: none I can think of
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Jan 30, 2014
The reviews seem to be written by folks who do not yet have this machine and therefore haven't used it --- are there any reviews from actual users?

Hi Marie,

We have one of the Production models that we are taking to Stylish Fabrics in Logan Utah so some of the machine quilters that work there can try it out. We will have them post their comments about the Block RockiT 14+. This model works even better than the pre-production model that we were playing with earlier. This machine quilts so smoothly. It is everything we hoped it would be for a machine at this price point. - Lynn - KathyQuilts
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Feb 3, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Ok !!! I'm gonna do this thing!! Exactly what I'm looking for! The customer service is excellent! I'm very excited about the block rockit... And I'm all in. Somebody bought the first singer right? The first iPhone.... The first Malsam terracer!!! Just saying!!! As my friend jill says..."you only live once!" As I say... Life is no dress rehearsal!,,

Advantages: Cost!

Disadvantages: Well... May have some"kinks". We shall see!!!
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Nov 21, 2013
I have been researching quilting machines for the last few months. Kathy Quilts comes up quite often on message boards as the place to get advice and information. To now have a machine designed by you? Can not wait!

Advantages: A quilting machine designed by people who actually USE them.

Disadvantages: none
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I started with QuiltMotion and later upgraded to Creative Touch. I loved the QM but found it a little difficult to learn. More project oriented tutorials would be of help or videos/webinars. But I must say, whenever I had a question or a mishap with the hardware, Grace support was super. The techs were patient and kind, but not condescending. They replaced defective parts immediately and at no cost to me.
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Apr 11, 2014
I recieved my BRT (Block RockiT 14+) last week and have been practicing. This machine is absolutely wonderful! I have tried different threads and the machine sews beautifully. I am sooo happy that I pre-ordered this beauty!

Advantages: Where do I start? Great price so it is affordable, easy buttons on the handles, stitch regulator is awesome with baste, precise and cruise features, great separate bobbin winder with the huge M bobbin, bright lighting, easy setup, and it could actually be listed as a 15", and a large harp. I am sure I am forgetting something that I love about her!

Disadvantages: No disadvantages
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I've had the SureStitch for several years. It's a great product, and really helps keep my stitches even.

When I first got the SureStitch, it wouldn't work right, and I contacted the Grace Company and they helped me re-set the settings and it was fine. I haven't had any trouble since.

The key for me was getting the sensors on the wheels attached correctly!
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I am having. Problems with my sure stitch. Stitching from right to left and left to right I am getting long tacking stitches and going up and down it is ok. Can you give me any advice.
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Jan 24, 2014
I can say that Lynn has been gracious, helpful, and knowledgeable and more than patient with me! I have the Juki TL200Qi, on a grace frame, and ws frustrated with the "space issue", yet could not "squeeze out" with this just being a hobby and something for friends and family the $$ for a larger head/throat machine....until NOW. I can hardly wait for it to come!!! I know I will be delighted!

Advantages: Coming Ruler base/rear handles available for the Pattern Perfect/and the laser
!4+" of throat space so it will allow more room for freestyle feathers etc. (I am very excited about that)
Support from a "team" that loves quilting and recognized the need for a quality well built machine with more "creative space" for those of us who desire the freedom and creativity a longer throat will give without the high price. Lynn and Kathy have done something for US! I pray they prosper in their efforts, and I think too this will bring the younger gals in, and we certainly do not want to see this "art" diminish because of $$, yet at the same time, I want to see Kathy and Lynn do well in this as well. They have A+ Character. Also this works on the Grace Frame which I have already, BUT bought another model to transfer my JUKI to. I am very pleased with all the help I have received so I can make good decisions, and since I have only had the Juki less than 9 months, and wasn't sure if I wanted to sell it, this has been a great opportunity to get the smaller frame, so I still can include friends to come "play". And hopefully teach some gals as well, as I do not want this art to die.

Disadvantages: At this time I see none for myself,I don't know if for those who like the idea of a computer run machine will feel the same, or if this can be adapted, but for those of us who like freestyle/pantograms/ruler work, this machine appears to have all we might need, and I suspect will even for the "somtime make for $$ quilter".
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In the "Quilter" mag. June/July 2014 Issue There is an ad for the Block Rocket starting at $2,999 Bundle price including frame, does any body know what is included for this price and what frame is included?

Hi Daisy, The $2,999 package includes the Block RockiT 14+ and the Grace SR2 machine quilting frame. That is an eight foot frame so you can do quilts 84 inches wide or smaller. Although it is an entry level frame it works like a charm. You get cloth leaders, bungee clamps, and eBooks and videos that teach you how to use it. All you need to supply is thread, fabric, batting, and time to quilt! - Lynn
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Feb 25, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I loved the Block RockiT so much I bought two. I have a sit down table and one on a frame. I have not had any major problems at all. I am still learning how to quilt on the frame version but the sit down is just like a regular sewing machine with more throat room. Only time I have had tension issues is when I attempted to use two different threads. It didn't like that. Changed to the same thread in top and bobbin and I was sailing along. The few issues I have had were taken care of by the stellar customer service at Kathy Quilts. Most issues were me not understanding or me doing it wrong. Jamieson is very patient and will keep explaining what is needed to make you happy.

Advantages: Both machines are easy to handle. I do wish it was easier to get the bobbin in but that is my complaint with my regular sewing machine! I can't wait to retire so I can quilt more often. The 15" throat will allow me to quilt just about any quilt that I do. I don't do 12" - 14" quilt blocks on point but I am betting I could quilt those as well. It would just require more planning. The stitches are smooth and I haven't had an issue with bobbin thread nesting or skipping.

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage is the instruction booklet. Sometimes it is not clear. This is how I got to meet Jamieson by phone! I think it assumes knowledge that quilters may not have. It might make sense if you know the machine but when you first get it be sure to take the time to really understand what the instructions say. Then it will be smooth sailing.
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Jun 23, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I want to thank Jameson for all his help. I never quilted before I went to a class on how to make a quilt, I LOVED IT. I started looking for a quilting machine(I couldn't believe the prices) it took me about 6 months of research on all quilting machines, I finally narrowed it down to three. I called Jameson 3 times to ask questions, he was never pushy about buying he just answered my questions (he is the best). I was finally ready and had the money, I called Jameson of course to ask another question and I decided to go with Kathy Quilts. I am so glad I did. When I got my machine I was so excited, it is everything I hoped it would be. I am learning a lot about quilting and I love it. Thank you Kathy Quilts and most of all thank you Jameson for all your help and understanding. I would recommend any one looking for a quilting machine to check out Kathy Quilts. They are a company that stands behind there product. Thank you again

Advantages: Easy to use and understand. If problems just call them and they will help you out in a heart beat.

Disadvantages: Kathy does not put out enough videos for learning quilting skills, Please do more videos on you tube.
I like the ones that are out but they are to few. NEED MORE of your great teaching talents
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I love QuiltMotion. It took a while to figure out but the instructions are wonderful. I use my Pinnacle and Juki TL-98Q and it makes quilting a lot of fun! Thank you Kathy and Lynn
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I love how easy it is to use these templates. When I first got started quilting on my GMQ Pro my quilting was really shaky. With the Pattern Perfect my quilts have turned out better than I thought they would. I love freehand quilting but it is nice to use these patterns too.
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Aug 23, 2013
These leaders install so easily. You don't have to cut them or prepare them in anyway, you just thread the Fabri-Fast tubing in them and pop them in the frame rail.

Advantages: Ready to install right when they come. The rail name is printed on them so you know which rail to attach them to.
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I received my system yesterday and I was so excited. It only took a few minutes to set it up and it was extremely esay to follow the designs. I have the Juki 2200 QVP and the instructions said I would need to talke the machine off the carriage and turn it upside down to install it, but with my machine that was not necessary. You can't go wrong with this system. Not only do I love the system, but the customer service and time for delivery of my items were outstanding.
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Apr 15, 2014
My Block Rockit arrived today!!!!! I already threw a quilt on the frame and zipped on through it!! It was very easy to operate and is everything I hoped for!! Thank you Lynn and Kathy!!!

Advantages: 14 1/2 glorious inches of throat space. Easy, front loading, super big bobbin. Bright LED light on the workspace. Needle up/down button.

Disadvantages: none
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Apr 16, 2014
I have had some time to do some practicing and real quilting on my new Block RockiT. I named her Bonnie.....My Bonnie BRI. And she is that. Everything worked perfectly. I was ready for some issues with tension, as almost every new machine has something, but I only had to adjust the bobbin with a 5 minute turn on that screw and then only a half a revolution on the top tension. As far as I can tell, it is making a perfect stitch with my essentials pro thread from Connecting Threads. I love how the stitch regulator comes to a full stop when I do. The Grace Sure Stitch with my Juki could not do that. The software to change settings is so easy to use, also. I have the new Start Right 2 frame and the BRI glides around very easily and smoothly. This is going to be an excellent machine for me for a long time!!! Thanks, Lynn and Kathy for all your hard work in developing the Block RockiT. It is living up to all its advertising, and that is amazing! Donna and Bonnie in Elk Grove CA

Advantages: trustworthy responsive customer service!, easy to use software, ability to change buttons for right or left handed quilters, wonderful stitch regulator, separate bobbin winder motor, easy access when changing bobbin, clear and simple directions in the owners manual, beautiful stitch with thread I like, outstanding machine especially at this price!

Disadvantages: Compared to my Juki 98Q, I miss the tool holder on the carriage handles and my thread cutter, but the big longarm machines don't have these either, so...no disadvantages.
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Would love to have one. This price range is great. However, my concern is support since I live across the country in Tennessee.

Hi Debra, The awesome thing about the Block RockiT is that is very easy to work one. We will teach you how to service the Block RockiT yourself. If there is something that is too complicated for you to do we will have UPS come pick it up. This service is free for one year. You can extend the warranty if you want an additional year or two. We will always support you as long as you own it. - Lynn
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I've had my block rocket for 2 weeks now. I absolutely LOVE it. Setup was relatively easy - one of my concerns over buying locally. The machine controls are straight forward and easy to figure out. The hardest part for me was getting the frame rail heights configured correctly. The block rocket yahoo group has been great for that. With no long/mid-arm experience, I was able to move to a real quilt from my practice quilt within a day. I'm on my third quilt now and I am very happy. The stitches are beautiful. If I didn't know which side I quilted on, I wouldn't be able to tell the front from the back (which is how it should be, but my quilts have never looked this good quilting on my DSM). I'm trying to think of a negative to write, but I can't. The machine has been great, and customer service has been wonderful. I'm looking forward to enjoying this machine for years to come. I am very happy with my purchase!
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Hi Barbara, We have you covered for as long as you own the Block RockiT. It is very easy machine to work on. We can help you fix it or we can have UPS come get it. We are just a phone call away. (888)826-0222 - Lynn
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Jun 3, 2016
If you are really tight on space the Block RockiT sit down version is the way to go. It offers a really nice sewing table and it is really smooth to operate.

Advantages: Cost is the main reason why the Block RockiT is the best value in a sit down longarm quilter.

Disadvantages: Some people might think that not having a stitch regulator is a disadvantage but quilting on the Block RockiT sit down version actually is less clunky and the quilt flows better without a stitch regulator
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Mrs. Cristen Haugen about  Block RockiT and Qnique Ruler Base:
Sep 17, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I am loving the Block Rockit ruler base! It has completely changed what I am able to do! I like the "boot" that slips over the machine instead of magnets, which was a factor in my decision to purchase the ruler base 2.0. I also was excited to receive a 12" ruler with purchase. My only complaint is that the ruler base is NOT 12"x12", as stated per the Grace Company website. It is ONLY 11"x11", which is too bad, because that extra inch would really be useful! Incorrect size not withstanding, I would recommend this 100%, without hesitation!

Advantages: Easy straight line quilting!

Disadvantages: Size is smaller than the Grace Company advertised.
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Mar 11, 2017
I was one of the first BR owners three years ago this month, having purchased at the Lancaster Quilt show in March of 2014! It was the best investment I have made in regards to my quilting. I visit Lynn and Kathy every year at Lancaster. I had a problem, which was only once, and Lynn sent me to Grace Co. right away. They were wonderful in solving my problem. I have done 15" blocks for a customer and they turned out beautiful. I did them half at a time.

The Grace frame has been perfect for me as I am short. I also float quilts instead of rolling on the backing some of the time. I don't even need to use the long clamps on the front rail most of the time. I've done 19 quilts in the last year on my BR. Each time I change the bobbin I only oil the hook race, I will also oil the machine when it starts getting noisier.

Advantages: I can do anything on this frame that I want. I have done 15" blocks for a customer and they turned out beautiful. I did them half at a time. I don't need a big expensive quilter to have my quilts turn out beautifully.

Disadvantages: I can't think of any disadvantages to owning the Block RockiT. While I thought maybe a deeper machine would be good, a post on the Block RockiT Yahoo Group made me realize I have short arms so a 21" throat might be a stretch for me.
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I love how simple it is to install my leaders from KathyQuilts.com. The video on YouTube was a big help. Thanks Kathy and Lynn
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