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Emma Rae Designs - Freehand Quilting Designs - eBook CD version

Emma Rae Designs - Freehand Quilting Designs - eBook CD version
Heart Attach Swirl by Emma Rae Leaf Swirl by Emma Rae Swirly Leaves by Emma Rae Borders by Emma Rae
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Emma Rae's Designs freehand quilting design helps to go beyond stippling your quilt. Quilting should bring out the personality of your quilt. Don't speed all that time piecing your quilt only to doom it to a drab existence just because you didn't know that there is a better way to quilt. The images in this eBook will give you a great start and a jumping off point where you can take these designs, embellish them and then make them your own. You can download this eBook as well as get it on CD. If you want to order a CD just click on the Add to Cart button.

You are welcome to print any of these images to use with your own personal quilting.


Calling All Quilters! New Ideas!!

By now, most of you machine quilters have been practicing, practicing, practicing. If you're brand-new at quilting - take the advice to just practice, practice, practice. I promise that you'll get so much better!

Are you tired of the Loops and Stars? Tired of the old stippling? Are you stumped for new designs to quilt - designs that will help you stretch your imagination? Well, I would tell you to ALWAYS look at everything you see with the idea that it might be able to be used as a quilting design. Look at the tiles on the floor, and the pattern they make. Check out the old wallpaper in the restaurant while you're waiting for your food or visiting the bathroom (the bathrooms have the MOST interesting patterns on the walls and floor!) Look at the printing design on fabric or clothing. Always keep some paper to doodle your designs on, and save these in a binder for your future quilting use.

I've been quilting for 12 years, and these designs are all new to me, so I was excited to try them out. What I like about the book is that there are some designs that are simple to quilt, and then, if you enjoy them, you can add to the simple design to make it a little more elaborate, or leave the design simple and quilt them over and over. There are flowers and leaves. There are swirls and flames. There are waves and spikes. And my favorite is a Party Swirl, with confetti coming off of the main stem. What a great idea!

You can use these designs as overall designs on a quilt, or as individual designs in a block, or even special designs quilted in the borders of your quilt. You can look at the designs, and you can quilt them as large or as small as you'd like. I just love it that Emma Rae has saved me the time of trying to think of different things to quilt, and these are very innovative. I'm always looking for designs to quilt on a man's quilt, designs that aren't too flowery, and there are several swirl designs here that I love for more masculine quilts. I had a great time quilting all these designs on a quilt of my own after reading the book.

Kathy Barlow - KathyQuilts.com


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