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What Can the Block RockiT Mid-Arm Quilter Do For You?

What Can the Block RockiT Mid-Arm Quilter Do For You?
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Longarm quilting machines are all the rage. What about those people that want a longer throat machine but can't afford one? Have Machine Quilting Manufacturers left them behind? We will discuss the machine quilting industry and how it affects the people that quilt.

It is really interesting to see how the manufacturers of machine frames and quilting machines have decided for the quilters what they should buy. It is a lot like the beauty industry that tries to tell us that if we aren't in perfect shape, or have the right hair color, wear certain clothes that our self worth is diminished. In essence if you don't own a longarm machine quilter you aren't part of the "in" crowd.

Machine quilting is lots of fun but it is also expensive. Here at KathyQuilts.com we want to bring an affordable machine that has the main features of a longarm to the market so more people can quilt like they always wanted to.  Most of the people that I have sold a shortarm machine to wished they could have a longer throat machine but budget restraints made it so they had to settle for the setup they could afford. 

With the Block RockiT 14+ you get a machine that was built from the ground up to be a machine quilter. Professional quality stitch regulation is built in.  It has awesome stitch quality because of tension and thread pre-tensioner. It is really easy to control because all the controls are at your figure tips on the handles.  There are rear handles available for quilting with pantograph patterns and template guides. This is a full featured machine quilter that will get the job done at a fraction of the cost of a longarm machine quilter.

When were designing the Block RockiT 14+ one of the most important features was that it had to fit on a current model Grace Frames and as many older frames as possible.  We have been selling Grace Frames for 16 years and are totally sold on them so they had to be the machine frames that our Block RockiT 14+ would work on. When you are quilting you have to have a frame and machine that you can depend upon.  Your frame needs to be able to tension your quilt so you can finish it and have it look good.  If you don't have a good frame or quilter you will be dealing with more headaches and frustration then you should have too.

Spend more time quilting and less time trying to figure out how to use your machine quilter.  There are a lot of nice machines available but where the other companies fall short is in helping you learn how to use your new toy.  There are people I know that spend over $15,000 and ask how do I get started?  A situation like that should never happen.  Kathy and I feel that a company has a responsibility to get a customer the right tools and teach them how to use them.  We believe in supporting that person like they were one of our friends and not sell them something then never want to hear from them again.  When you get anything from KathyQuilts.com you can expect to get the help you need when you need it.

The last thing that I want to cover is that if you have an older machine frame or are looking for a new frame and machine head we have something special for you.  We are able to work a special deal where you can get a brand new Grace Frame for a fraction of what you would usually pay.  There are four choices when getting a new Grace Frame but the best frame is hands down the Majestic.  It is the frame of choice but it is also the most expensive.  It usually cost about $2,200 just for the frame.  You can find it for about $1,799 from some dealers but we can offer it with the Block RockiT 14+ for $3,999 plus shipping.  We also have the SR2 Frame which is great if you don't have room for the Majestic.  It is a Queen size frame that is also a great choice.  The Gracie King or Gracie Queen are wooden frames that work with the Block RockiT 14+ as well.  If you have any questions please click here to get answers.

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Lynn & Kathy Barlow own KathyQuilts. They have been helping quilters for 20 years. The Block RockiT is making longarm machine quilting more affordable for more people.

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