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Buying my Block Rockit, without a "Test Drive"

Buying my Block Rockit, without a "Test Drive"
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A common concern we hear from our customers that are interested in the Block Rockit, is that they haven't been able to actually quilt on it. Here's what we have to say....


A common concern we hear from our customers that are interested in the Block Rockit, is that they haven't been able to actually quilt on it. Having just sold our old Jeep and bought a newer car, I understand the need to “test drive” or try out a piece of equipment before purchasing. Especially when it’s a big investment. This might be the situation you’re in; wanting the try out the Block Rockit, but not having had the opportunity to test it out.

As a team at Kathy Quilts, we’ve discussed this issue a lot, because we understand that making an investment into a machine should not be taken lightly. We have a couple of suggestions if this is the situation you are in.

First, we have been on the road for the last two years traveling from state to state to as many quilt shows as possible. We want people to be able to quilt on the Block Rockit, so we try to make it available to as wide an audience as possible. Before all of our shows, we post on our website where we will be traveling and when. If you are interested in a Block Rockit and want to try one first, keep an eye on the shows we will attend to see if there is one near you.

However, the reality is that we just can’t make it to every quilt show or every part of the country. So, the next option we’ve thought of, is for current Block Rockit owners to “share” their Block Rockit with others that are interested. As in, letting others come “test drive” their Block Rockit if they live in the same area. If you would like to do this, contact us either by email or give us a call, and we can see if we can set something up in your area.

You might find yourself in an area that is far from our quilt shows and from Block Rockit owners. At this point, buying a Block Rockit without quilting on it comes down to trust.

            You can trust that your machine is produced by a high quality, innovative, quilting business, the Grace Company, that has been around for over 25 years and that will help with any technical problems you may encounter. You can trust that you can purchase your machine from a business, Kathy Quilts, which understands that spending thousands of dollars on a machine is not a small decision.

In fact, we want you to get your money’s worth.

We want to help you on your journey as a quilter in any way that we can, and we are working together as a family to support you in your endeavors as a machine quilter.

Everyone that purchases a Block RockiT can try it for 30 days after you receive your entire order. If you encounter issues with tension, thread breaking, skipping stitches or anything else, your 30 day trial does not start until everything is working the way it should.  

Here’s how it works: The customer’s part of this 30 day period is that they contact us and work with us until the machine works properly.  We know that if you get our's and the Grace Company’s help that you will love your machine.  If you just return it without working with us, we have you pay the shipping back. If we work with you and determine that the machine just doesn’t perform like it should we will pay the shipping back.  You have to keep us in the loop so we know if there are any issues.

Kathy Quilts would not have teamed up with the Grace Company to sell this machine if we did not think it was a high quality-quilting machine. I’ve asked my mom, Kathy, if she would have bought the Block Rockit first, before her Gammill (which she loves), if it had been out when she was in the market for one (years, and years ago), and she answered with a very confident “yes.”

As you explore the Block Rockit and other options, know that we are a family business of dedicated and experienced quilters that are here to make your quilting experience an enjoyable and productive one. We are ready, and look forward to serving you! 


Let us know, we love your feedback:

What are some things that would help you, or helped you, feel confident in purchasing a machine without testing it first?  

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Rachel graduated from Brigham Young University in 2009 with a teaching degree in Family and Consumer Science. She went on to teach and train industrial sewing operators until 2012. She is now a stay at home mom and works part time from home for Kathy Quilts. She loves to travel, create things, watch movies, go to Disneyland, read, and spend time with her husband and kids.

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