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Block RockiT VS Q'nique Quilter

Block RockiT VS Q'nique Quilter
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Block RockiT VS Q'nique Quilter - What sets Block RockiT apart from Q'nique and how Kathy Quilts can help improve your quiltng


How do you decide between the Block RockiT and Q'nique Quilter if they are the exact same machine?

Let me start by saying the both the Block RockiT Mid Arm Machine Quilter and Q'nique Quilter and both made by the Grace Company. They both use professional grade parts and they both work very well. So why does the Grace Company have two machines that are exactly the same? 

The Grace Company has made machine frames for many companies like Babylock, Bernina, Juki to name a few. Kathy and I asked the Grace Company many years ago to make us a sewing machine with a longer throat than the nine inch throat Juki machines we were selling because they weren't large enough to do quilt with very effectively. Kathy Quilts was the company that Grace trusted enough to help them get their quilting machine division off the ground. Block RockiT was out for about a year before Grace ever started selling to other companies that wanted to offer an affordable machine that offer so many great features.

So why choose the Block RockiT if it is the same as the Q'nique Quilter? Everything that you get with Q'nique, you get with the Block RockiT. The Grace Company supports the Block RockiT and doesn't give any preference when shipping, supporting, or repairing either machine. What you DO get additionally with the Block RockiT is 20 years worth of professional longarm quilting support from Kathy and Lynn. There isn't one company that sells Q'nique that has a successful longarm machine quilter at the head of their company. There isn't any question you can ask Kathy about machine quilting that she will not have a tip or solution for your dilemma. 

If you need help with your Q'nique Quilter, will the person you call be a quilter?  Will you be calling a company that may have tons of people at a call center that will be just as happy to sell you any brand of machine? Kathy Quilts only sells Grace products becasue we have been loyal friends with them for 20 years. They make good products that Kathy Quilts stands behind as well as the Grace Company. If you have a problem we will make sure you get it fixed. We only ask that you contact us and let us know something isn't working so we can get it fixed.

With the Block RockiT you get:

  • Starter Thread Pack from Superior Threads (Block RockiT exclusive)
  • Lifetime machine quilting training and phone support from Kathy Quilts
  • Phone support beyond that of the Grace Company's normal operating hours
  • Quick-Start training on a DVD you can play in your DVD or Computer
  • Free lifetime downloading videos and eBooks from our online library
  • Access to our Block RockiT Yahoo group where most of the members have owned their Block RockiT for nearly two or more years. They are so willing to tell you about Kathy Quilts and how they get any issues with their Block RockiT fixed

If you were to put a price on all the extras you get from Kathy Quilts it would be over $2,000. Our mission is to make longarm machine quilting more affordable and to elevate the quilting abilities of anyone we meet.

We want you to know that since we only sell Block RockiT and not a lot of other machine brands and small appliances we can focus on helping you to become a better quilter. You will save a lot of time and frustration going with a company that knows how to quilt.



Owner of Kathy Quilts

About the Author

Lynn & Kathy Barlow own KathyQuilts. They have been helping quilters for 20 years. The Block RockiT is making longarm machine quilting more affordable for more people.

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