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Block RockiT Mid-Arm Quilter

Block RockiT Mid-Arm Quilter
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Here is the Mid-Arm for the Masses. We think that professional machine quilting tools should be available for more people than those that aren't pinching pennies like most of us. The Block RockiT 14+ is designed for anyone that wants to machine quilt. It has 14.5 by 8.5 inch throat and will fit on most Grace Frames. Quilt more in less time with the Block RockiT 14+.

The Block RockiT is a wonderfully simple machine that will help you finish your quilts faster than that shortarm machine you are using on your Grace Frame now. When you first got started quilting you probably envisioned whipping out those quilts every hour or so. Just slap it on the frame and a few passes and voila you have a beautifully finished quilt. In reality you found that there was a lot more to it than you thought. You probably thought that it would be nice to be able to quilt a larger area without needing to roll your quilt every time you quilting a small area on your quilt.

Kathy and I have been quilting for years, Kathy does a ton more than I do, but I talk to people nearly every day I am at work that wished that they could afford a longarm machine. We thought there really need to help these people out so we came out with the Block RockiT.

That might be a funny name for a machine quilter but it is different than anything that you can find on the market today. We are also taking a different approach in that we will not be selling these in stores. We will only offer these directly from Kathy Quilts. Since we are not setting up a network of dealerships we can offer the Block RockiT at a lot better price than if we sold it in stores.

Check out our cool site for the Block RockiT by clicking here

About the Author

Lynn & Kathy Barlow own KathyQuilts. They have been helping quilters for 20 years. The Block RockiT is making longarm machine quilting more affordable for more people.
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