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We are pleased to design and manufacture the Quilt-EZ brand of quilting templates for any quilting machine with a frame.  If your machine is not stationary, but is able to be moved on a frame, regardless of the machine you have, the Quilt-EZ templates will work!  With the Quilt-EZ quilting templates,  patterns are effortlessly quilted.  Our quilting templates are easy to use, affordable, and compact to store!   Just set the Quilt-EZ templates on the quilting table and quilt away.

The EZ-Stylus has been designed to work with all Quilt-EZ templates. The EZ-Stylus mounts directly to the Long Arm Machine  and is ready to be used in minutes. No drilling required! An easy to use handle will allow the stylus head to  be raised and locked in a matter of seconds. With the stylus head raised, the operator can freehand quilt. When the  templates are required again, the operator simply lowers the stylus head into the track and quilts away. Stylus for your specific machine can be found on the stylus page


Quilt-EZ Quilting Pattern Boards - BAPTIST FAN (10″ SQUARE CORNERS) -

Quilt-EZ Quilting Pattern Boards - BAPTIST FAN (10″ SQUARE CORNERS)

Recommended: purchase at least 2 boards of the same pattern to avoid the need of stopping to mark your quilt.

10″ Baptist Fan (square corners). Comes on a 10″x 24″” quilting template. Made of ABS plastic to ensure a quality product and long life. Using the Quilt-EZ Stylus will ensure accurate quilting every time. Each template comes with no-skid backing to prevent sliding.

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