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Kathy Quilting Training Videos

Kathy Quilting Training Videos

Learn from Kathy and Lynn because they know how to teach you how to get more from your quilting frame.

We will be adding a few videos this weekend and as well as several more through the end of April.  Here are a few of the subjects we will cover in future videos:

  • Learning to use your SureStitch or Speed Control
  • Continuous line quilting on a shortarm frame
  • When and how do I use a Pantograph Pattern
  • When and how do I use Pattern Perfect template
  • Doing a French fold binding on my quilt
  • Free hand quilting fill designs to make my quilt ROCK!
  • Using a Stencil and Pounce pad to help my Free Motion Quilting
  • Making sure my Grace Frame is set up correctly for me


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How to Quilt - Pinning a Quilt on a Grace Frame Video by Kathy - Download Version - KathyQuilts.com

How to pin a quilt on a Grace Frame Video Download as demonstrated by Kathy from KathyQuilts.com

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How to Quilt - Cross Hatching a Quilt Block on a Longarm Machine Frame with Kathy - KathyQuilts.com

Machine Quilting a Quilt Block with Cross Hatches 

This 10 minute video is packed with a lot of great machine quilting concepts that will help you really make your quilts pop! This video covers the following techniques:

  • Laying out a quilt block with Glad Press and Seal and sharpie marker
  • How to use a ruler with your machine frame
  • How to mark a block with a disappearing ink marker
  • How to use a stencil
  • How to use a pounce and stencil
  • How to use feathers in a wreath

There is a ton more that you can learn from this short video as you watch it over and over. It is a 153 Megabytes so it will fit on a flash drive or you can just save it on your computer.

This video is shot in 1080p HD video so you will be able to see clearly what is going on. This can be viewed on both Windows as well as Apple computers.  It will work on tablet devices as well. We have tested it on an iPad 2 and it works very well.

It is for longarm or shortarm quilters. The concepts taught will work on all machine frames.

Use PayPal for the quickest processing. If you use a credit card it will be processed manually at Stylish Fabrics Bernina in Logan Utah. You will receive your download key after we have processed your order.

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How to Quilt - Quilting a Wall Hanging with Kathy Part One & Part Two - KathyQuilts.com

Quilting on a machine frame can be a challenge if you don't know what you are doing. Part one of Quilting a Wall Hanging will show you how to load your quilt, and how to quilt it. Learn freehand quilting techniques that will help you learn to make your quilts pop! When you have put a lot of time into a quilt top you don't want to ruin it by stippling or meandering. Your machine quilting should bring out the personality of your quilt not fight with it. Learn from KathyQuilts how to work with your quilt and create a work of art. Part two is incuded with the purchase of this video at no extra cost.

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Getting Started with My Machine Quilter Video Combo Download

Getting started quilting on your Grace Machine frame isn't rocket science but you do need some tips that will make the difference between having your frame turn out beautiful quilts and wanting to return it. The first two important concepts to learn is how to install your cloth leaders and how to pin a quilt on your frame. This download includes two videos that will teach you just that.

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Quilting for Beginners - Machine Quilting with KathyQuilts CD Combo - KathyQuilts.com

Machine Quilting with KathyQuilts

Machine Quilting can be frustrating if don't have a lot of experience. Maybe you just purchased a new machine quilting frame and you have no clue how to get started. This CD includes four important videos that will show you:

  • How to install cloth leaders on your Grace Quilting Frame that has Fabri-Fast rails
  • A quick and easy way to pin your quilt on your frame
  • Actual quilting on a Grace Frame. If you think you can't freehand quilt on a Grace Frame think again.
  • How to use a stencil on your quilt

You can learn a ton from these short videos. If you don't have the correct video player installed on your computer there is VLC player included on the CD. These videos will usually only work on a Windows or Apple Computer. They can also be copied on to your iPad with iTunes.

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