Stitch Regulation

Built-in stitch regulation is a high-end feature normally found on more expensive professional long-arm quilting machines.


The Block Rockit's stitch regulation has been precisely encoded for a beautiful, consistent stitch. The Block Rockit also has four different stitch modes to give you maximum control over your quilting.

The Block Rockit uses high-resolution encoders to track your quilting movement. It knows when you speed up and slow down, and adjusts the stitch speed accordingly for a consistent stitch length.


The stitch regulation can utilize the Block Rockit's full range of stitch speeds, up to the top speed of 1,800 stitches per minute!

Using some of the quilting machine's stitch modes, you can have the control to set the stitch length or "stitches per inch".


Encoder Wheels

4 Different Stitch Modes

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