Machine Frame - Juki TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro 18 X 10 Longarm Machine and Frame -

Machine Frame - Juki TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro 18 X 10 Longarm Machine and Frame -

Machine Frame - Juki TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro 18 X 10 Longarm Machine and Frame -
Juki TL-2200QVP 18 X 10 longarm machine quilter - Juki TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro 18 X 10 longarm machine quilter - Juki TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro 18 X 10 longarm Bobbin Winder - Juki 2200 Front Hand Wheel -
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SKU SKU17637
Weight 300.00 lbs
Market price: $9,995.00, Save $1,000.00
Save 10%
Select Table length
Select Cloth Leaders
Bungee Clamps
Included Laser
Machine Needles
Rear Handles ($99 Value)
Choose QuiltMotion
Choose Quilting Templates
eBooks and How-to Videos
Seam Ripper $6 value


Juki TL-2200QVP

Juki Machine Frame - Juki TL-2200QVP Quilting Virtuoso Pro 18" X 10" Longarm Quilter

Buy this for $187.50 per month for 48 month no interest. Click here to find out more.

The Juki TL-2200QVP or just Juki 2200 18 inch longarm machine is really something special. Juki has made a machine quilter that is so much nicer to use than any of the other machine quilters you can find on the market. Kathy and Lynn of know how to help you get the most out of your Juki 2200. If you want to read all of the little details about the Juki Virtuoso click here.

If you think about it, you can quilt on almost any machine quilting frame and finish a quilt. Quilting on a really nice machine frame can make all the difference in the world. Being able to quilt on a Juki 2200 makes quilting a lot more fun because it is so easy to use. I have quilted on Grace Frames with Juki TL Series machines for years and had a lot of fun. Quilting with nine inch shortarm machines was harder than the Juki 2200 because I would have to keep rolling my quilt every time I did a little bit of work. I had a limited amount of space to work with.  I could still get my quilts to look nice but it was a lot of extra work and I really had to plan ahead. With the Juki 2200 I can now enjoy a work space of about 14 inches. That is not as much as Kathy's Gammill Classic, which has a 26 inch long throat, but it is still about 10 inches more than I could really get out of my Juki 2010Q and what a huge difference that makes.

The Juki 2200 and Virtuoso frame were designed specifically to compliment each other. Both Juki and Grace worked together to develop the best 18 inch longarm quilting system for the money. There are several other brands out there that offer 18 inch machines but none of them has the experience that Juki has. Juki now is putting their full resources into developing machines for machine quilting. All of those years of being a world leader in industrial sewing machines market has helped them to branch over into machine quilting heads that no one can match. The direct drive system where the main shaft that drives the needle assembly is right in the motor.The Juki 2200 has a large main shaft that is part of the motor. It makes for smoother quilting

The beefy shaft makes the Juki 2200 run much smoother than other machines that use a belt drive system. Belts slip and aren't as responsive as this direct drive system. When you buy a machine quilter you want one you can rely upon. Juki based this model on one of their industrial machines that has been used in the commercial sewing industry for years. You don't have to worry about Juki trying out some new design and you have to worry whether it will keep breaking down or not.

Kathy has quilted on the Juki 2200 several times and really likes the way it feels. If you are going to invest this much money you want a machine quilter that will be fun to use, be trouble free, and last for as long as you own it. The Juki 2200 is the 18 inch machine quilter we recommend.

Why should you buy your Juki 2200 from Kathy and Lynn?

There may be times when you think that dealing with a Juki dealer that is within driving distance is a better choice than order from None of the dealers that I know of are professional quilters. There will be issues that may arise that you need the help of someone that understand quilting. This may not be a mechanical problem but it might just be what to quilt in a particular block. If you are breaking thread, or you are getting puckers in your quilt, if your quilt has flared borders, any of these items most dealers won't have any idea of what you are talking about. Save yourself the frustration of having to figure it all out on your own and let help you.

We sew off your Juki 2200 so it is ready to quilt when you put it on your frame. Juki Corporation has come up with a great machine but they are new to longarm quilting so they don't understand that the tension needs to be set differently for quilting than for sewing. We know because we have sewn off several of these Juki 2200's and they all have the tension set so that they stitch isn't as good as it could be. Buy your Juki 2200 from a Juki dealer that cares enough to take the extra time to sew off your Juki 2200. Most Juki dealers do not quilt so they wouldn't know what to do even if they wanted to sew off the Juki 2200. We have been sewing off machines for quilting for over 10 years so we know how to setup your machine so it is ready to go when you get it. will beat any other Juki dealers offer!


Kathy and I feel you need to get the best help when you get your frame. These machine quilters are very expensive to inventory so you may have a dealer offer you the all sorts of things to get you to buy. Contact us before you commit so we can tell you if you really are getting a good deal.


Why are rear handles important?

Kathy and I feel that to become a great quilter you should know how to freehand quilt. There is also a place in your quilting skill set to know how to use pantograph patterns. There are also pattern boards like in the Grace Pattern Perfect. If you want to use these you will need to be able to quilt from the back of your Juki 2200. We recommend you add the rear handles when you order your Juki 2200.

A word about the Juki 2200's bobbins

We have learned that the molded size "M" aluminum bobbins that come with your Juki 2200 are the only ones you should use. If you use iron or steel bobbins that have the holes in the sides and are not solid sided like the aluminum ones, there is a chance that when you use the thread cutter you can damage it. If this happens it will not be covered under the warranty. You can get these bobbins for $2.00 each when purchased with your frame.

How can I pay for my Juki 2200?

We understand that owning this Juki can be a hard proposition so we will work with you on how you pay. If you need to use several forms of payment email Lynn or call toll free (888)826-0222.

What is included with my Juki TL-2200QVP?

Kathy and Lynn believe in the "Batteries Included" philosophy so we want to make sure that when you get your Juki 2200 that you will be able to get quilting and on the road to becoming an awesome quilter. We offer the cloth leader, machine needles, rear handles, at a huge savings when purchased with your Juki. Here is what comes standard:

  • Juki TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro Quilting Machine Head
  • Juki Virtuoso 10 foot machine frame - two foot extension is available so select the size you want.
  • Juki laser for the 2200QVP
  • Built in Stitch Regulator
  • Bungee Clamps
  • Fabri-Fast Tubing
  • 4th Rail (Batting Rail)

Listed at the top of this page are accessories and included items. Select upgrades that you want added to your order.


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Lynn
    Kathy and I have quilted on the Juki 2200QVP and it is so fun. It has four modes that let you control it in the way you like to quilt. This is also the best machine frame Grace has ever made. This is a great machine quilting setup.
  • Author: Linda Brandhagen
    Could you tell me if the new Juki 18" machine would work on my GMQ Grace frame? I Have a Janome 1600DP but the throat plate is awfully small. Thanks!

    Hi Linda,
    The only Grace Frame that it will work with is the Majestic. It has the special dual track like the Juki Virtuoso frame. Right now you can only get the Juki 2200 with the frame
  • Author:
    I love my Juki Virtuoso.

    Originally I thought that a 5 foot frame would be sufficient, as I mostly do art quilts. However, because the needle is in the center of the machine (naturally!) and the edge of the machine hits the end of the frame, this setup only yields about 48 inches. So I reset my frame to the 10 feet. At first I dreaded this task; but with husband, it only took about 2 hours. It is important to have the frame level, to keep the tracks and the wheels clean (I used rubbing alcohol and a q tip on the wheels.)

    I do both traditional quilting as well as thread painting on art quilts. It is sooooo much fun to run that baby at full speed and just sketch! Taking broad strokes makes this type of painting a blast! Calling all art quilters: this machine is light, and easy to maneuver for thread painting. I have used from 50 wt. to 28wt. thread . The thicker thread works beautifully. With Aurefil thread, I have not had breakage, without changing the factory set thread tension.

    With the traditional quilting, I’ve done charity quilts using cheap, cheap 50wt rayon embroidery thread on a spool. The thread in on the Internet $30, 30 spools, 3000 yards. Now that is cheap stuff. Since these are spools and not cones, I rigged something up to have the thread come off horizontally, loosened the tension, and it quilted fine. Some breakage, as the thread is super cheap, but all in all it turned out fine. The second quilt, the thread was yellow, maybe weaker, I had to use my sidewinder (notions accessory) to wind the thread onto extra ordinary bobbins used as pseudo spools to run as my main thread. This eliminated the severe drag from large spool that was causing problems. If this machine runs that cheap stuff, I figure it will run anything! With a quality thread, there should be NO PROBLEMS!

    It doesn’t take any time to setup a quilt onto the frame. Never having long-armed before, I think that the illustration and directions regarding loading a quilt could be improved. It shouldn’t be as confusing as Grace makes it out to be. But once you get your system, no problem. I use the Baste to attach my quilts to the leaders. With the thicker art quilts, I pin here and there, there’s always more than just one way to attach your work.

    I like the fact that you can set the “speed” of the Cruise control, i.e. 10% (slow), or 40%, faster, etc. That feature is not an obvious one to newbies. Sometimes I need slow for more precise work, other times, I just want to lett’r rip!

    Other machines have these elaborate lights over the entire frame. With Juki’s placement of the lights in the handlebars, the lighting is fine/nice for me. It simplifies that whole she-bang.

    I purchased my machine from the dealer at the show I was at in April who is 300 miles from me. Otherwise, I would be very comfortable purchasing this machine from KathyQuilts. The reason is, that this couple takes lots of time and pride in working with their customers. I say this because they have the videos on YouTube; they started and are moderators for the Juki Virtuoso Yahoo forum. They take the time to help anyone, not just their customers with their Juki’s. Now that’s service, and that’s coming from someone with no affiliation with that company.

    In closing, “Nothing runs like a well-oiled machine!” Don’t forget a drop or two more often than you think. There are moving parts you know.
  • Author:
    Although the Juki QVP is the "new kid on the block," I'm very pleased with my purchase (and this is my first longarm machine)! I've had a couple of "small" issues but excellent customer service took care of that.
  • Author:
    I bought my Juki 2200 QVP from kathyquilts and must admit I was a bit apprehensive to order from a website I wasn't familiar with. After reading reviews of both the longarm and the continued support that kathyquilts provides, I placed the order. The assembly of the frame and machine was completed completely by myself. The machine worked flawlessly out of the box. After several weeks of practicing, the QuiltMotion and Creative Touch arrived. i am totally in love with the machine. i now have instant gratification while i learn to freehand. I highly recommend both this machine and
  • Author:
    I love the Juki 2200 QVP Virtuoso. I love the set up with the Grace frame. The whole package is a beautiful blue package. I have owned only Juki machines so I trust the quality of the Japanese machines. I have a Juki 600, a Juki 2010 and a Juki 300 besides the Juki 2200. I shopped for a long while before I made a decision to by the Juki 2200QVP. I saw it at a state show when it made it's debut and fell in love with it. I was moving from a mid arm to a long arm and I am glad I waited. This machine is fast at 2,200 SPM. I absolutely love the thread cutter, that is the most wonderful invention since the seam ripper. I have the thread cutter on my other Juki machines and it made since to have it on a long arm. I also love the baste mode. It is so easy to use and has three basting stitch lengths. The cruise mode offers a range of speed. I like the 25% or 30% which allows me to have good control. I love that it has an Idler rail. It makes the work surface so flat and even. I have spent many house practicing stippling and random free motion stitching. I am excited to use the pantograph side of the machine. I got the handle bars just recently. The screen changes from front to back as quickly and easily as plugging in a USB port.
    I bought it from a reputable dealer and they have helped me when they can. I had to problem solve as with any machine, but my frustration came from not having any contact with anyone who has used the machine. The dealer did not have anyone who had experience with the machine. I can account for some of my frustration as novice error. BUT I am not afraid to ask questions.
    I am impressed with and their continuing support. I watched her videos on internet before I bought my machine. I understand there are more videos now as the need for more has progressed.

    I joked that I would have to cut the closet out of the room, but it fit with room to spare. I set up the 10ft. frame and machine up with the help of my husband. He has been very supportive. He had to fix a spring in one of the encoder wheels with the help of a telephone conference.

    It really is an amazing machine and frame set up. I am glad I bought it. I need to make a quantum leap in understanding everything from thread and tension to using the pantograph.