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Grace Start-Right Frame

Start-Right Frame

The Grace Start-Right Frame is a wonderful machine quilting frame from the Grace Company. It is made of steel and when Grace lowered the price it sold like hot cakes. The Grace Company has run out of these frames and is in the designing phase of a new frame to take its place. Here is the list of current model frames that you can order today:

Grace Company Gracie Queen - Sets up Queen or Crib size will let you do any size quilt of 88 inches wide or smaller. The Gracie Queen is made mostly of wood with a metal frame carriage


Grace Company Majestic Frame Quilter - King size Powder Coated Steel Frame - This is the top - of - the line machine frame made by the Grace Company.

Grace Company Gracie King - This is the same as the Gracie Queen only it includes the extension to expand your frame out to king size. It will let you do quilts larger than the Majestic so it has some advantages other than being less money than the Majestic.


Grace Company - SR2 Queen, Crib - Steel - Grace Frame Machine Quilting Frame See details
Grace Company - SR2 Queen, Crib - Steel - Grace Frame Machine Quilting Frame

Grace Company SR2 - Start Right Frame - Steel - Queen Length - Machine Frame

The SR2 - Start Right Frame - Steel Machine Quilting Frame is the replacement for the first generation Start - Right Frame.  The biggest difference is that it has two frame rails instead of three. Two rails actually make it easier to load a quilt and use because you only have to worry about tensioning one frame rail.

Loading the quilt is as easy as pinning on the quilt back, laying the batting and quilt top on the back, stitching along the top edge of the quilt with your sewing machine, then smooth out the quilt top and batting, clip the tension clamp on the frame rail. Easy as pie!

If you are looking for a great queen / crib size frame that won't break the bank the Start-Right SR2 should be your choice.

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Free with this frame the Learning Library Download, and's "Perfect Leaders" Queen Length, and a free Gracie Laser if you add the table inserts!

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